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Village offers “Parents as Partners” course in St. Cloud beginning March 2

“Parents as Partners” is a 8-session psychotherapy group helping parents and caregivers to work together.

Your relationship with your child’s other parent, whether you are married, separated or divorced, significantly impacts your child’s emotional health.

“Parents as Partners” is an 8-session psychotherapy group that focuses on building parenting partnerships and will help you find common ground with which to effectively parent your children.

Through “Parents as Partners,” you will:
1. Learn about relationships
2. Strengthen the relationship with your child’s other parent or caregiver
3. Decrease the impact on your children of any parental or caregiver conflict or stress
4. Learn to problem-solve and strategize as a parenting team
5. Address generational concerns (e.g., in-laws)

When: 6-8 p.m. beginning March 2
Where: 4140 Thielman Lane #303, St. Cloud, Minn.
Info: (320) 253-5930

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Childcare may be available, based on the age of the child.

Please help us make a video of adorably cute kids from Fargo go viral!!!

Nokomis Child Care  is a great program in our area that provides daycare for kids with emotional, physical, and financial needs, as well as providing traditional child care. This adorable and laugh-out-loud funny video features interviews with the kids at Nokomis and is a great way to let the community know about Nokomis as Giving Hearts Day approaches. Would you please consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media? Let’s break the internet with some cuteness for a good cause!

(Nokomis is part of The Village Family Service Center.)

Kids from Fargo child care centers say funny things

Below is the first of four videos we’ve created for Giving Hearts Day 2015. The videos feature interviews with the adorable kids at Nokomis Child Care Center, and include such gems as:

  • “Have you ever had diarrhea before?”
  • “And I like mac and cheese … It’s yellow.”
  • “I have 100 shirts.”
If you enjoy the video, please consider voting for it in VISIONBank’s GHD Video Contest.

The videos are just a fun way to remind folks in the community to give to Nokomis Child Care Centers on Feb. 12, which is Giving Hearts Day.

Nokomis is part of The Village Family Service Center.

Nokomis Childcare creates Giving Hearts Day videos in style of ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things”

We’ve got a special treat for you! We interviewed some of the funny and adorable children at Nokomis Childcare Centers and created a four-part video series called “Kid Talk at Nokomis.” It’s just a fun way to remind folks in the community to give to Nokomis Child Care Centers on Giving Hearts Day 2015. Giving Hearts Day is a regional fundraising event in which every gift to Nokomis of $10 given at on Feb. 12, will be matched up to $4,000!!!

The first video comes out Feb. 6, and the other three will be released the next week. Check here or on the Nokomis Facebook page to see the videos when they’re posted. They’re sweet, cute, funny, sometimes a little baffling, and lots of fun. Don’t miss them, and be sure to tell your friends.

‘No More Diets’ group works to control weight through life changes, skills

Escape the diet/binge/overeat cycle and still lose weight through No More Diets!, a support group of The Village Family Service Center.  No More Diets! focuses on making lifestyle changes and developing skills that will help people manage their weight, as well as make changes in many other areas of their lives.

…Focus on healthy lifestyle changes and address emotional issues that lead to overeating.

…Escape the diet/binge/overeat cycle and still lose weight.

…Keep your weight down without going “on a diet.”

…Benefit from the active support of fellow group members who share similar goals and challenges.

This is an ongoing group and you can join at any time. For fee information or to register, contact The Village at 701-451-4900.

The Village Family Magazine is looking for freelance writers

Calling all writers! If you’re a writer living in the Fargo, West Fargo, or Moorhead area and you’d like to freelance for The Village Family Magazine, please contact us. Email with two writing samples, tell us a little bit about your writing experience, and share article ideas if you have them.

Our Elf on The Shelf had a proposal for the 2015 budget; it was not well received by our CEO

This morning, Hope (our Elf on the Shelf) had some ideas about what to include in the 2015 Village budget. Gary Wolsky – Village President/CEO, was — shall we say — less than impressed.


To see more of Hope’s shenanigans, check out our Elf on The Shelf photo album.

Village Elf on Shelf involved in suspicious Jenga ‘accident;’ Ken doll and plastic elephant named as suspects

The Village Elf on The Shelf, Hope, suffered minor injuries in what authorities describe as a suspicious incident when a Jenga tower fell on top of her last night in the Fargo Village play therapy room. Read more below.


Click below to open The Village’s Elf on The Shelf album and see all the photos (You do not need a Facebook account to see the photos).

Elf on The Shelf maxes out credit cards, gets covered in coffee creamers, throws house party with Care Bears

Hope, our Elf on The Shelf, is out of hand!

Our Elf on The Shelf was involved in a horrible accident!

Fortunately, she sustained no permanent injuries.