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After Divorce, Disease & Death: How In-Home Family Therapy Led A Minot Family Out Of Chaos

Often The Village comes into people’s lives at some of their lowest moments. For one Minot family, divorce, parental estrangement, medical issues and a death had thrown them into a tailspin.

Shannon* struggled with her two sons’ behaviors and to establish healthy boundaries with her parents. She never felt like counseling helped, until she started in-home family therapy with The Village last fall.

“I was really relieved when somebody could come in and see what was going on, what I was trying to deal with, and the struggles we were having,” she says.

Shannon wanted to share her family’s experience with in-home family therapy and Village counselor Maggie Bohannon to let others know that help is available.

“If you have a tough life at home, and you have problems with your kids, and you don’t know how to deal with it, it gets to be a long day, every day,” Shannon says. “Maggie helped me see better ways of dealing with some of their behaviors.”

Read Shannon’s story here.

She helped me to see I’m stronger than I think I am most days.

*Name changed to protect identity

The Village provides outpatient counseling and in-home family therapy in communities across North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as other behavioral heath services like addiction treatment, financial counseling, pregnancy counseling, mentoring, and more. To make an appointment with The Village, call 800-627-8220 or request an appointment online.

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