Nokomis Child Care Centers Staff #GoMatchyMatchy

Our Nokomis staff members are getting in the #GoMatchyMatchy spirit! This year, Giving Hearts Day in Feb. 9. This online fundraising event has raised $30.9 million since 2008. We are so excited to have three Village Family Service Center programs taking part: Big Brothers Big Sisters, First Step Recovery and Nokomis Child Care Centers.

Some of our Nokomis staff members #GoMatchyMatchy in matching sweatshirts.

We hope you will #GoMatchyMatchy, too. Ask a friend to match your commitment to a charity on Giving Hearts Day, and post a fun matchy-matchy photo along with the hashtag. You can also join the online Facebook event to spread the word.

Funds raised Feb. 9 support the nutrition program at Nokomis, and the first $4,000 in donations will be matched! Read why this matters to Michele, a teacher in our 3-year-old room:

Ever since I started at Nokomis 17 years ago, I’ve believed in our motto, “Every Child Deserves Quality Care.” Nokomis has been here many years for families that needed a helping hand as well as those that needed a safe place for their child while they are at work. Nowadays our world has become a fast- and convenience-food society, and so one thing that Nokomis provides is healthy, nutritious, family-style meals for the children, and for some children it may be the only hot meal they get. Along with the nutritious meals we also work on making healthy choices and healthy habits. Through the years that I’ve been here I’ve seen many changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the care and commitment of the staff at Nokomis.

Please keep Nokomis Child Care Centers, Big Brothers Big Sisters and First Step of The Village in mind when making your Giving Hearts Day gifts. And #GoMatchyMatchy!

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