Local Big Brothers Big Sisters Program In Need Of Male Mentors; Dozens Of Boys On Waiting List

About 50 boys in the Fargo-Moorhead area are on the waiting list for a mentor, said Big Brothers Big Sisters FM Program Director Susan Smith.

Susan Smith says the problem isn’t a new one and it’s not distinct to the Fargo-Moorhead area. Nationally, it’s more difficult to find male “Bigs” (as mentors are known in the program) than it is female mentors.

Recruiting men tends to be a slower process than recruiting women, Smith said. Women more frequently respond right away, whereas men are more likely to want to take time to mull the idea over first.

Smith says the Bigs play an important role for these boys, many of whom come from single-parent families headed by their mothers.

“They’re missing that male role model,” Smith said. And having that male figure in their life is “just huge.”

Individuals wishing to become Big Brothers or Big Sisters can find more information by visiting the BBBS FM website or calling (701) 451-4877. Businesses or organizations who would like to partner with BBBS to help supply mentors can contact smercer@thevillagefamily.org.

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