5 Reasons Overspending At Christmas Will Hamstring You In The Future

Tis the season to spend … and spend … and spend. Come New Year, all the spending can catch up to you. The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend $967 on holiday expenses on average this year. That includes $608 buying gifts, $218 for decorations and food, and $141 on other non-gift purchases.…
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#BeTheVillage On Giving Tuesday

You can strengthen families. You can fight addiction. You can change a life. You can #BeTheVillage. In these stressful, sometimes chaotic times, we all need a Village. A community that supports you and provides the help you need to lead a healthy, productive life. The Village improves lives by offering counseling, addiction recovery, mentoring, financial…
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Are You Overindulging Your Child? Here’s How To Stop

No parent wants their child to struggle or experience disappointment, and it’s natural to want your child to be happy. That natural desire can lead to parents overindulging their kids. According to The Village‘s Kelly Olson, overindulgence is satisfying your child’s wishes to an extreme extent. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kelly Olson says parents need to set…
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Not to care for him, but care about him

Here’s Why Nancy Is Going To Run For Recovery

Nancy’s son was an alcoholic. She tried to fix it. She tried to hide it. She realized he had to hit rock bottom before he could get help. When that day came, Nancy and her son both found the help and healing they needed at First Step Recovery in Fargo. First Step, a program of The…
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Two boys being hugged by woman

After Divorce, Disease & Death: How In-Home Family Therapy Led A Minot Family Out Of Chaos

Often The Village comes into people’s lives at some of their lowest moments. For one Minot family, divorce, parental estrangement, medical issues and a death had thrown them into a tailspin. Shannon* struggled with her two sons’ behaviors and to establish healthy boundaries with her parents. She never felt like counseling helped, until she started…
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