Sue Grundysen

Adoption Awareness Month: Love, Hope, And Making ‘Something Awesome’ Happen

Adoption makes “something awesome” come out of a painful experience, says Sue Grundysen, program director for Adoption Option. In honor of Adoption Awareness Month, Adoption Option staff shared what drives them to do the work they do. Whether they are helping waiting couples complete their families, providing support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, or…
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Tips For Dealing With Family During The Holidays

For some families, spending time together at the holidays is more stress than fest. Kelly Olson, a licensed counselor and division director with The Village Family Service Center in Moorhead, shares these tips for dealing with family during that most wonderful time of the year. 1. Ask yourself, “Is this my battle.” If you are concerned…
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‘Adoption Is Love’

Lindsey Krueger has always had a heart for adoption. To her, adoption is love. In honor of Adoption Awareness Month, Krueger, a licensed social worker, shared why she works for Adoption Option. “We have the opportunity to be the voice for birth families and adoptive families throughout North Dakota,” she says. Read more staff stories…
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puzzle pieces

Helping People Put Together The Missing Pieces

Cindy Skauge helps people put together the missing pieces of their life puzzle. A licensed social worker, Skauge works in the search and disclosure area of Adoption Option. She regularly is asked questions by clients that tug at the heartstrings. These are just some of the questions she’s heard in the past few weeks: “I always…
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‘A Birth Mother Did Not Give Up’

During Adoption Awareness Month, Village staff who work with adoption and pregnancy counseling services are sharing what motivates their work. Kim Wood, a licensed social worker in Bismarck, N.D., says a quote shared on Facebook by a birth mother, has stuck with her: “A birth mother did not ‘give up’ anything. In fact, she did…
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